Education Purpose

All the information on this website is given from Education Purpose, we here on this website tell and give information about all types of Ayurvedic and Herbal Medicines

Own risk
Whatever information we provide here is only for your knowledge, whatever we suggest, remedies, remedies and prescriptions, please consult a good doctor before using it After that, if you use these things by yourself and harm you, then you yourself will be responsible for this, our purpose is only to pass the knowledge to you.

Own Responsibility 
Whatever we post here, it is not believed and accurate so that we do not give you any guarantee about it, whatever action you take on whatever information you get on this website, it is completely up to you depends on
If you visit our website at any time and if any damage or damage of any kind reaches you due to the use of our website, then our website will not be responsible for it,

Another site Policies 

you can also visit other website by visiting our website. Want to use Anything you do by visiting this website we do not have control over If you do something wrong by visiting our website, we can kick you out of our website. Also you can visit other website dr. It has different privacy and policies which are outside our privacy policies……..

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