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Our  aim to make Ayurveda Herbal and Natural Medicines accessible to the doorsteps of people. Our terms and conditions is different from other websites, for more information you can contact us by email. info@rahmniayurveda.com If you have additional question or need more information about our Privacy Policy then you don’t hesitate to contact us via email

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Rehmani Ayurveda is a health care website where we share all types of diseases treatment Our aim is to reach right information to the people We do not manipulate any wrong information or treatment on our website Here we give only true information to all of you And hundred percent ayurvedic medicine, which is based on the right indigenous treatment, apart from this, you give every information related to ayurveda here. But you should not use any of these information on your own, otherwise you yourself will be responsible for it,

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before using any prescription, treatment or tips given by us, you must consult a good doctor or if you are taking any medicine on your own. If you use it, you will be responsible for it yourself. You can consult this list to find.

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the terms and conditions for Advertising Participation So how to deal with given Party terms and conditions The Privacy Policy does not apply to other advertisers or websites Our website Rehmani Ayurveda will fully collect any personal identification if you ant Advertising  with our website you can contact us via email

children, Terms and Conditions

we information from children. Does not collect information No false information can be provided on this website
This is an ayurvedic treatment website so if you are 13 years old then you can use this site if you are under 13 years old please do not take high on this site because this website provides ayurvedic treatment and ayurvedic medicine latest information Let us tell you that all the information of this website is not important for the children, Terms and Conditions


All the visitors are requested not to make any unnecessary comments on our website, share the links of the website in the right place.
If any of you want to contact the honor of our website then all of you will get the below email id from where you can contact all the diseases are treated safely here I hope you guys visit our website We will not be responsible for any harm caused to any person due to its use

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By visiting this website, if you reach any other website and you yourself make a mistake, then you will also be responsible for it, our website does not take any responsibility for it. You agree to its terms and you are also responsible for any information you use on your own by visiting our website and you agree to us that you agree to its terms

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